what is design to me 10700652

What can one expect out of this blog?

Design is something each one of us encounter in our everyday lives more to say in every activity or other’s of ours.

From the tooth brush we use in the morning to the sandals we wear, the mobile phones we use (or that which uses us or our data!) ,the dresses we chose to wear all come with multiple designs – choices differing in materials, utilitarian purposes,shapes, sizes, colors, textures, pricing and so on and on. 
Why, the very blogging interface that I am currently1 tower heights that showered hope, brought about awe and surrender, the familiarity  the then near to human height tea shops and the proximity to the tea master called for.

This holds good for not so pleasant memories too. 

Most of our memories are encapsuled within or of a space intertwined with the happenings.

what is design to me 10700652

Though this quote is on people’s treatment the ending statement is what I would like to borrow. We ‘ll never forget how we are made to feel. Spaces and things around us does just that to us – they contribute to our visceral emotions.

This blog is an attempt to bring
to attention such aspects most of us skip to notice in our daily
lives, design and its aspects , processes, tips, trends that add value – majorly about spatial and product design
that acts as a canvas to our life’s happenings.

am restricting myself to speak more of man made designs here cause
Nature replete with her bountiful designs and patterns need no special
words to be explained or validated.

I will try to keep this blog bilingual –  தமிழ் and english.

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