Knowing is winning half the battle

There is festive season ahead of us (ஆமாங்க புது வருஷமே இன்னும் புறக்கல அதுக்குள்ள I see  பொங்கலுக்கு ஆனா விளம்பரங்கள் ) and there are Pothy’s Chennai Silks ads up on the hoardings, live on TVs , poured into our ears via aired radio programmes  and more.

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We plan to buy new clothes. We religiously schedule a date and time knowing that we would miss it, reschedule it and finally head for the shop – RS Puram or Cross cut or Town Hall in Coimbatore , Agraharam / Fairlands in Salem / T.Nagar in Chennai.( –> mentioned areas where I have done shopping. Go ahead and drop in the comments which city and where you had enjoyed shopping)  Whichever brand wins in luring the consumers or more so who ever had won the loyalty of their customers can bet on the swarm of people thronging to their shops.

However crowded the shops may seem men and women especially we take time in CHOOSING the dresses. More in particular the design and the MATERIAL,  பாட்டிக்கு cotton , பாப்பாக்கு shiffon, linen shirts , denim for teenagers and so on. We choose the materials cause we KNOW  the materials. How have we gathered this knowledge? We would have used them prior – experienced it in first hand or seen persons using them given feedback . The particular cotton saree though is sold as cotton has a mix of polyester or whatever and doesn’t work well during our summer seasons. Stay away from it. This knowledge is what guides you in choosing the right material. Also once you happen to touch the material at the shop you ll know whether it’s for your skin or not. Bless the tactile experience!

Study unit - home interiors
Study from House of Colours designed by Studio AJ Architects

Clothing is your second skin. I bet most would agree to this. Your home or the space you reside within dear readers is nothing short of your extended skin. It just cannot be swapped and changed like we do with our clothes, can we? Building a home or a retail space and doing interiors is a one time investment and why hesitate to do it the right way?

Know your finishes.

Know the materials that goes into it.

Know for what is it you are paying for.

Know whether there are better materials available in the market for the intended use.

Kindly develop the attitude to make yourself aware of the detailed bill of materials and quantities (BOM) and (BOQ) that are going into your space when you receive a quote.

Only when you KNOW whether it is cotton or not you make an informed choice. The same goes with your materials.

Dresses might last you for an year. Homes and interiors are built to last for years together. Do you know that the adhesive that goes in between the layers of the ply has a great impact in contributing to its water resistance. Websites of the popular brand plys give you detailed info on them. I have linked a few below.

Century ply

Green Ply

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Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

We might miss out on important factors when we jump into explore for the first time and a professional hire always proves beneficial in the long run of the project.

We as architect or interior designer when hired from the start of the project would rightly assist you with the selection of the right materials and prices.

Generally people don’t hesitate to explore a shop by window shopping before shelling out money on an apparel, likewise we suggest you to get curious, explore and decide upon a good designer cause my dear readers your space is nothing but your extended skin. And you DESERVE to be comfortable in your extended skin as well!

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