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In search of Best Architects and Best Interior designers near me in Coimbatore

When people normally look for a one time or a recurring service , general practice is to search in Google as one located close to them mainly for convenience sake. This applies to professional services as well. Normally people tend to type in as “architects near me” or “interior designers near me” to look for …

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Details in Design

I came across a meme in Instagram recently. And that kindled me to write this post. As the above picture says are we losing out on details in the design ?(Well! there are no pictures above. Wish I could post the picture here for your reference, sadly I am unable to find the pic. If …

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Knowing is winning half the battle

There is festive season ahead of us (ஆமாங்க புது வருஷமே இன்னும் புறக்கல அதுக்குள்ள I see  பொங்கலுக்கு ஆனா விளம்பரங்கள் ) and there are Pothy’s Chennai Silks ads up on the hoardings, live on TVs , poured into our ears via aired radio programmes  and more. Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash We plan to buy new …

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Tribute to Manohar Devadoss Sir!

I vividly remember waiting to get his book autographed in my college auditorium. His presence brought about a different aura amidst us students, then. His humble and smiling figure made me wonder how could he manage to do all things that were given in his felicitation speech. We were in the initial years of college …

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Furniture unit design + Execution

We were hired to revamp an existing Tv unit. All the client wanted out of us was a “Bold statement piece” and a “A conversation starter”. We have achieved this with the non conventional form composition and colour usage. On visiting the site we learnt the living was spacious , the main door and the …

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Our first Recognition

Joyful to share that we have been recognized as the Promising and Rising Architecture and Interior design firm of the year 2022,Tamil Nadu and identified as the  Top 25 Emerging and Trendsetter Women Architect & Designer India , 2022  at Taj West End,Bangalore by @beginup_com Awards. Out first such recognition and we owe it to …

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Myths in hiring an architect

Hi my readers,   Following are some of the myths associated with hiring an architect and my radical explanation to it. This blog post is sure to lengthen as and when I come across one!   1. Unnecessary expense  Hiring an architect alternate to the myth for building or doing interiors of escalating cost unnecessarily …

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