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Myths in hiring an architect

Hi my readers,
Following are some of the myths associated with hiring an architect and my radical explanation to it. This blog post is sure to lengthen as and when I come across one! 

1. Unnecessary expense 

Hiring an architect alternate to the myth for building or doing interiors of escalating cost unnecessarily and unwantedly it only saves cost. With sensible and efficient planning there WILL be savings in terms of square feet and cost – this is only on the measurable side.

What if I tell, you are going to pay an architect a percentage from your future savings. An unplanned building or a cookie cutter one or a copy paste design can only give a compromised living for the users.

There is always a budget within which an architect works trying to give the best possible planning and materials (Set aside the other intangible results, the most tangible one is that there are discounts if the material is traded through the architect to the client and we at Studio AJ Architects ensure it is passed on to the client!). All cost estimates are passed on to you for approval there is no hidden costs involving here.

We are not going to design anything that is going to be built without the client’s knowledge incurring hidden costs. We don’t have a single chapter in our entire Bachelor in Architecture syllabus teaching us to as to how to தேவை இல்லாம காசை இழுத்து விடுறது for our valuable clients. No! Dear readers we architects are not meant to do it. No professional service would have that in aim and if so the profession would not have survived the test of time! Oh! And there is this statement then –


which means nothing but one is consciously ready to get compromised for the value of money put in. While spending 100 INR on a single conventionally known common product is one thing, breaking it and knowing where to spend on and where to cut off is another thing.

2. Architects are egoistic

This myth is too general and common amidst people. It is more prevalent (more so in construction industry) because like every other myths the number of people who have experienced the truth i.e. approached an architect and successfully executed a project is meagre to the number of minds this myth has successfully found its place in. My take on this is, architecture is an art – more than an art form because one gets to experience the intangible through tangible means.

Like every other art form’s process, in architecture too ego will hinder creativity. I believe so. Firmly. When a mind is infilled with ego it can hardly conceive a design that is meaningful and pure.

Intuitive design process is hard to happen within an egoistic mind. The more I dig in to decode the essence of what creates a meaningful space, the more I travel inward within myself. I resonate with the say that searches/ paths may be different but the truth is one.

While being demanding and authoritative is needed to extract work, coordinate and ensure smooth progressing of the project the entitlement that architects are all egoistic is something I cannot agree to.

3. Beauty/ aesthetics is not what a commoner would want. Basics is enough.

My dear readers, architecture is not only about beauty and aesthetics. Beauty of a space by the title of this segment, like many think is not a superfluous, irrelevant, useless addition to what already exists. It is the art of ordering of spaces to dispel chaos. But not limiting to it.

mohamed nohassi odxB5oIG iA unsplash 1
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Why does watching a sunset or sunrise fill our inner core with joy and peace irrespective of the knowledge /status one holds?

Why does a beautiful building/ space evoke the same sense of bliss by bye watchers without any explanation?

Because sense of beauty is inherent in all of us and appreciation of it too. We architects, are professionals who are merely trained to do it. To imbibe the aesthetics along with the functionalities of a space within in its context which in wholesome serving its user can only be termed as beauty.
Why is that we restrict ourselves to tap the maximum potential of a space where we invest lakhs and are going to be spend our most of the time in our lives, while the same us are pro in expecting to get the maximum value for a 300 INR movie ticket in theatres or a 1000 INR in a clothing store that we are going to watch once or use countable number of times and discard.

There are arrival of  new materials in the market every now and then and an architect will guide you to choose the right material for your use and budget as she or he is bound to keep updated on the new materials just like a doctor would be about his prescribed medicine list ,anticipated diseases and its cures.

I happen to write/ touch about only few of the measurable means here in this post. While the art of treating light as a material, brick or any other building material as a dictative element in the design, landscape, climate, context and water as an inseparable element influencing the design – all needs separate blog posts.

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