Who are we?

Who are we?

studio aJ architects

STUDIO AJ is a practice envisioned to mark the journey of all the design opportunities undertaken in its course along with the people involved in its path – clients, consultants, contractors, vendors and the design team – constantly evolving, adapting and growing to meet to the design needs of an individual and the society.

Team Leader

Arthi founded the practice in 2019 after graduating as Bachelor of Architecture in Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai in 2011.

Equipped with a strong stint of professional experience of 8 years working in firms with varied core strengths in Bangalore and Salem she has hands on experience in diverse projects ranging from high rise residences, hospitals, commercial malls, resort design, residences, retail and corporate interiors.

She is an Indian Green Building Council Accredited professional.


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Our mission is to use design as a means to enhance the spatial experience – tangibly and intangibly

To influence emotions and thoughts thereby impacting the actions of the individual and the society

We intend to enhance the “class” of living, products and designs for all classes and sectors of people.

To craft user centric designs entwined with the context and culture



To carve a niche for ourselves and be THE OPTION in all minds considering to build near and far, as a design practice which offers sensible and user centric solutions to all things we design

To be remarked as designers of products or spaces that people prefer to use or interact with again and again and again and again with ease and liking

To establish ourselves as a successful business entity

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We perform with integrity in all our endeavors and follow a highly ethical practice for we believe our core values such as trust, honesty and respect form the basic foundation of all our relationships .We desire to work with clients who believe in same.

We have only flamed the curiosity with which we all were born and we constantly question ourselves, acquire knowledge and innovate to feed the flame

We strongly believe passion is fueled by love for the profession without running a hole in our pockets.

We respect your time,money and dreams and expect it to be mutual for all the stakeholders involved in the project