Do you want Pinterestable pics or pics from Pinterest itself?

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Most people approach architects and interior designers with reference images.Thanks to the online access, things are at only our thumbs reach now. As with every other development in this digital era there are both good and bad sides to it. This blog aims to put forth the same in my words. Before diving into my words lets absorb the following excerpt ..

On speaking about designing of interiors, hear one of my most admired architect Ambrish Arora of Studio Lotus puts it in his own words “I don’t think when people come with an image its fully formed at all.(as to what they want) Infact the reason people go to an image is because they don’t have a fully formed idea, kind of hanging..its like us, right? It’s so easily accessible and it allows us to anchor ourselves very quickly whereas I think design is really about being comfortable with ambiguity and i think recently people are NOT OK with ambiguity. Because having faith that something will emerge if you allow the parameters to inform the process (is not there). So stay true to the process (of design) Of course images will come up (citing clients come up with images) and you can’t reject it. So we try and have an engagement on that image which is deeper than what the image is itself, what is about the image that really calls you(the client)…

Next time you are pulled to an image to show as a reference or you put in that folder for you dream home /shop or use one of those save options in websites/apps/ or share it to our dear ones and at the least to the architect let’s do this exercise 

Ask yourself a question!  

What is it in this image that draws me towards it? 

That speaks to me that on the sight of it instantly my mind goes WOW this has to be in my space too! What element strikes that right chord in you? 

Can I explain it in more simpler terms? 

Why am I drawn towards a particular movie, a particular scene in the movie. What resonates to me that I can relate to it making it to stand out from the other scenes? 

Why is that I am drawn towards some people while I tend to repel from others?  

All these will boil to down to one simple core thing my dear readers – Your personality, driven by your experiences and shaped by your memories  

If you can’t find the answer to yourself especially in interpreting them rightfully in the spaces that is where we architects come in place to guide you in envisioning your space with your personal touch. 

Rocky Bhai cannot be in Bahubali’s atmosphere. Bahubali definitely would not be in his element in Vikram’s atmosphere. To each their own! If that is so true to the fictional characters then why do we try to fit in someone else’s atmosphere! Why do we want to imitate some one else’s space and recreate them! We are our own Bahubali, Rocky bhai and Vikram in our lives isn’t it ? (sorry I couldn’t remember such mass female characters names at the moment) Inspiration is different from imitation! Isn’t it dear readers? 

And there are some scenes in movies that unquestionably is the favorite of the millions. You know why? Remember in my previous post I mentioned admiration of beauty is inherently imbibed in all of us. We all tend to enjoy it irrespective of the art form. 

Let’s celebrate ourselves by honoring our own likes and preferences in every aspect of our lives more importantly in the designing of spaces that we shell ourselves in.

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