Tv unit @ Coimbatore

Scope : Furniture design + Execution

Year : 2022

We were hired to revamp an existing Tv unit. All the client wanted out of us was a “Bold statement piece” and a “A conversation starter”. We have achieved this with the non conventional form composition and colour usage.

On visiting the site we learnt the living was spacious, the main door and the passage leading to the dining from the lining curbed the users to limit the perception of the space to only one side. We intended to rectify this visually by having the tvunit panelling (on the left) designed asymmetrically and balancing it out with a storage unit with the same unique design language (on the right).

sj arch 3 scaled
sj arch 2
sj arch 5
sj arch 6
sj arch 8
sj arch 9
sj arch 7
sj arch 12
sj arch 10
sj arch 11
sj arch 4

Old site pics

photo 2022 07 17 18 59 27 5